"i had finally reach the stinking town of Slaterest, Pennsylvania, and now i have seen why Professor Reeds has come to this horrid place in search of the artifact needed for are research to be put into the spot light"

SUMMARY: This is a Lovecraft-ion inspired campaign that is set in the fall of October 24, 1937, in a town in Pennsylvania by the name of Slaterest. recently the town has experience a strange phenomena near its mines and you the player are here to find out what has happened and to uncover the mystery of this strange backwater town.

RULES: this campaign is a very open and out their way of think, as you create a character you want to be, which will contribute to the experience and overall feel of the story. the set of rules for this story is something i have made with a easy to play set up. there are only three stats which are Stamina, Health, Sanity, (explained below) and every thing else is Stats Effects (explained below), your character also has a Occupation in which you decides this can be anything which will get explained in more detail below. You all so will need to think about your character's backstory in-depth as you will need a very descriptive backstory with good detail on things such as date of birth, parents or guardians (if any), up bring, world views, zodiac, what clothing they wear, weapon model (if they have weapon) and other details, in short get in-depth get a feel for your character, make sure its one you'll in-joy playing as this campaign is heavy with roleplay but don't worry it has plenty of combat in it.

Occupation: this is most important bit as this foundation for your character but its also can be the easiest or it could be the hardest part as this can be ANYTHING for example you could be a cop or a even a mobster or a occult expert or a grad student ANYTHING MEAN ANYTHING but do keep in mind its set in the real world in the 30th so no world ending wizards sorry. This also give you two stats effects at the beginning of the game which one will help you and one will hinder you but only slightly.

Stats General: you get 14 point at the start to of the game you may put any of these point in any slot but keep in mind you can only go to ten in each slot that's it your stats can only increases or decrease through out the campaign do to event, item, damage, stats effects, etc.

Stamina: this stat is your characters strength, speed, energy. You us this stat for all physical stuff such as running, lifting, hitting people with bats, etc. this stat for combat is what you us to move, to hit and ability to resit physical attacks. When this stat hit zero your turn is over

Health: its hp your life and whats keeping you alive, when it hit zero your downed once it get to negative of your total health your dead.

Sanity: this stat is your character mental stat and over all ability to handle things such as anger, despair and the strange tentacle monster about to eater your face. This stat has use in magic and arcane abject and your current stat of mind when this hits zero you gain a random stats effect good or bad. When it hit negative of you total you gain a insanity point, ten and your dead

Stats Effects: these are effect that do different things good or bad, these are detemened by your character mind set and other lore factor, a example of a bad one is

“mortal minds”
when encountering eldritch phenomenons in any form outside of normal restraints, you will suffer a sanity lose rate of 15%, in addition you suffer a 15% penalty when interacting with arcane objects.

Well thats it you can contact me if you are interested at:

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Eldritch Truth: A Fate worse than Death

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